Chando Fantasy Aromatic Procelain Oil Diffuser, Wild Orchid 100ml

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Chando Fantasy Aromatic Procelain Oil Diffuser, Wild Orchid 100ml

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Product Description

Composed of high quality designed porcelain with an elegant porcelain flower, our glass and porcelain diffuser contains a bottle of the scent which creates a rich pleasant light aroma. Flourishing from a luminous bottle, the fragrance of orchid seeps deep within your soul. This enchanting wild orchid scent will dazzle and charm you and those around you. Our signature scented diffusers are enriched with the finest fragrances that will refresh your home with a burst of captivating and enticing scent. Present our lovely scented room diffuser as a birthday or holiday gift or as an appreciation gift of utmost graciousness!

  • Oil volume 100ML
  • Handmade aroma diffuser in a porcelain vessel
  • Fragrance notes: bergamot, lemon, wild orchid, jasmine, rose, lily, camellia, cedar, sandalwood and more
  • Features 2 elegant ceramic orchid flowers, glass bottle and white tassel
  • This Fantasy Collection Porcelain diffuser by CHANDO comes with an elegant white gift box and is a great gift idea.

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